AKPMA Vazhakulam

All Kerala Pineapple Merchant Association (AKPMA) was founded in 1986 by a young charming merchant named Jose Perumbillikunnel and 27 members. In his leadership, the merchants and the farmers united to form the society AKPMA giving a bright new future to the pineapple city. As a first step, they built the infrastructure needed for the society which now stands as a gem in the city of Vazhakulam. In the event of celebrating 35 years of success, many charitable contributions were offered to the local community by APKMA including pensions, insurances, education, awards, and even provision of homes for helping the needy as a symbol of a kind humanitarian gesture.
There are about 15000 hectares of land today all over Kerala invested into Pineapple. This  is also one of the most exported fruits in Kerala. Even while areas of agriculture were being hit hard from time to time , people belonging to all age groups still found this sector a stable form of investment. This is because inspite of fluctuations in the market the farmers were quite capable to run their business profitably and successfully . We can therefore undoubtedly say that AKPMA contributed a fair share in the success  of many merchants and farmers in the pineapple business .

At AKPMA we are proud to have been able to reach this epitome of glory along with all the accomplishments gained throughout the years in our 35 years of service in this sector. Our association stands as an example of brotherhood exhibiting moral and human values. We have traveled a long way in the pineapple business which all along have proven to be very successful and achieved fame as a valued association globally. We are ever striving to meet the trends head-on and to keep up our service deliverance in the best possible way available for the whole community.

Looking back into our past is a humbling experience for us. There was a time ages ago early in the 1940s-50s when pineapple farmers brought their produce into the Tuesdays and Friday markets of Vazhakulam carrying it on their heads. Here traders from faraway places awaited their arrival . As the number of consumers increased over the course of time, Pineapple started gaining popularity and a plant which adorned the hedges lining plot boundaries soon became a widely cultivated crop.
The native farmers had to face a lot of initial struggles back then due to the dominating ways of foreign traders on bulk purchases and their price strategies.

Finally putting an end to their suffering an association comprising of 27 members was formed which would then address all concerns related. Thus the Pineapple Merchants Association was born in 1986. The committee elected Shri Jose Perumbillikunnel as the President of AKPMA soon after and for the past 35 yrs he lead the enterprise into its current glory bringing all under one roof.

Looking into the history of this collaboration it is highly noteworthy the way it could impact the society as a whole. It is been a pleasure to contribute ourselves into the service of our fellowmen across many areas , few being educational provisions, handicap personnel support, donations like SNEHAVEEDU targeting the homeless and the last but not the least treatment support for the debilitated.
With our unity and cooperation we were able to build up an infrastructure that stands tall , our office headquarters in Vazhakulam. Here at AKPMA we are one family, a community where all are taken care off and supported for, succeeding in our goals as a unit.

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