Fresh Pineapple

Order the best quality fresh pineapple from us. We deliver Farm Fresh pineapples. These are of top quality which are picked & packed the same day to lock in the real taste and freshness transported directly from the pineapple fields to the destinations negating any form of handling damages in the process.

The last 20 years have seen significant changes in the pineapple industry with greater emphasis on fresh fruit and fresh fruit quality. The major problem still facing many pineapple post harvest handling systems is mechanical injury. The choice of our proper packaging materials and containers minimizes damage and losses of all fresh produce after harvesting pineapples. In addition to containing and protecting the fruits, it enables retailers and fruit vendors to enhance sales of both fresh and processed pineapples.
Various packaging technologies used to maintain quality and extend shelf-life of both fresh and processed pineapples.

The Vazhakulam pineapple is cultivated in an area which spreads to about 45 km north, 40 km west, 35 km east and 110 km south from Vazhakulam, the heart land of Vazhakulam pineapple. It has been an encouraging potential of commercial crop for income and export earnings. Pineapple cultivation offers lucrative income for growers especially with the establishment of high planting density in farm and the use of cultivar that provide a stable yield and high resistance towards disease. Our industry contributes greatly to the socioeconomic development of the country. It helps to promote economic development in the nation.
The most popular commercial pineapple variety in India is Giant Kew. Other important verities are Queen, Kew, Mauritius, Charlotte, Rothchild, Jaldhup, Desi, Lakhat, etc.

Qualitatively, Queen is the outstanding table variety used mostly for preparing Juices, concentrates, squashes and pulps.
The ‘Kew’ variety belonging to the Cayenne group is the leading commercial variety. Its properties are considered suitable for canning purposes. ‘Charlotte Rothchild’ is a variety that is partly under cultivation in Kerala and Goa. Fruit characteristics and taste are similar to Kew and Queen.
We all know pineapples are brimming with the key antioxidant Vitamin C, but there are many other benefits of eating this nutrient-dense fruit regularly:
Rich in antioxidants including vitamin A and beta carotene, which help boost your immune system and eyesight Rich in fibre which aids your digestion Contains manganese, a trace mineral that helps keep your bones strong Also has an enzyme called bromelain, which breaks protein down into simpler substances to provide amino acids needed for digestion