Superior Packing

Pineapples are packed in cartons accommodating 6-9 numbers within each package. All fruits packed in the same carton or container are of uniform size, shape, and external colour. The fruits are placed vertically or horizontally with firm lining all around the container to withstand the rigors of distribution without collapsing. The packaging additionally allow sufficient ventilation of the pineapples maintaining its freshness intact. This is ensured by perforations in the sides and the top and bottom of these cartons. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) while transporting in air and sea cargoes reduce juice leakage, retain color changes and inhibit microbial growth of fresh cut pineapples.

With hygienically produced and packed pineapple fruit we offer our valued customers the best of our products, services, food safety, timely shipment and reasonable quotes.Enjoy the great-tasting Pineapples from Vazhakulam.